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ask. WAIT. don't add me if I don't reply.

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Hey Brit, I changed journals (formally xbel), add me again? :P
Hey Britney! It's Bonnie from FF (PhillyFan24). I just friended you. I loved you new moodtheme and came on here an saw all the American Dreams love! Too cute.
Oh wonder! Whe have the same love for!

Add me..?
Hey Brit, it's Shara, just letting you know I've moved. :)
I'm a huge American Dreams & Gilmore Girls fan so I'm adding you, add me back ? :) My journal is a reading journal in French so you don't even have to comment ^^
Please friend me? :( I didn't ask you before because I don't love Haley and I figured that meant you wouldn't want me around...but I really want the American Dreams episodes...
Hey its Tabitha(Piano Interlude) from FF and we seem to have alot in common: american dreams, degrassi, sean/manny, hannah montana, miley/lilly, the oc, ryan/taylor, veronica mars, veronica/wallace, one tree hill, aly and aj, skills/haley.

Hi, Brit :)

It's Kayla [Leyton_Rox] from FF. I've been looking to get more S/A fans on my flist so if you woulnd't mind adding me that'd be awesome :)
As long as you don't mind that I'm very anti Peyton, Lucas, Hilarie and Chad. I don't post about them TOO much anymore [I'm trying to let OTH die a slow death with me], but I'm sure once the season starts up again, it might come up and I don't want to offend you.


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9 years ago

Brit, this is naima. Luce made me a new lj since that one was all...crappy and whatnot. anyway, add me?
hey brit, it's katie from FF (xxcrashintomexx) i added you sice we have a bunch in common, add me back?
hey can you add me back? you made a miley and lily mood theme and I lost the link, I think? XD
I don't add random people I don't know, sorry. But all of my graphics, including the moodtheme you're looking for, can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/withyourego/
hey i saw ur stuff over at alynajicons and LOVED it, i was wondering if youd like to join as a maker for my community


all you have 2 do is send in an application which is on the site bar
Hi, Brit it's lauren(dbs) from FF. Add me? =)
I hate to be the type of person who does this, but I have been desperately seeking season 2 of american dreams and was directed here.

i would be grateful if you added me, but if not, i understand.
It would probably be easier for you to just friend americandreams. I post the episodes there [usually before I post them in here] in locked entries. Hopefully all the links still work.


9 years ago

add me?
Hey, i'm a SON fan and.. I'm a guy, and I'm certainly not your friend but i'd like to :D add me? i guess we have in common the south fandom.
britalit! it's serene. add me?
I never would have guessed it was you!

Added! You know have access to all my deepest, darkest sekrets [it's mostly pic!spams, tbqh!].
Hey my commentig crush. Sorry but I'm going to be sticking with that for awhile because you wrote a summary of LOL and it was really long and I'm still an idiot for missing it and yeah your awsome. I have but two friends on here but was hoping for an add from you.
Hey there! So we both love Haley/Brooke. And you seem like a crazy cool kinda girl :) Add? If you do I'll add you back and we can be best friends for like ever. And if you don't then I'll turn all Angel of Death on you..
Sure. Added.
hi i'm andrea! i noticed we have a bunch of stuff in common, and i was wondering if you'd like to add me? :)
Sure, why not. Added.
You're awesome. I'm awesome(and kinda dorky). Let's be friends.
Sure, I could use more SON friends!
add me?

im a awesome frienzie and we have a lot in common too!
hey i'm dee -18 years old :]
i think we have some things in common...
want to be friends?
Hay thar :D we have a few things in common (Spashley being one of them) you're so awesome that I brought you brownies! *holds out tray* add me plz?
hii, idk if you're adding, but i'm chelsea. i found you through a picspam and basically your userinfo gif caught my eye andddd i -love- SoN/spashley and i guess if you'd like to add me back, that'd be lovely :)
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