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ask. WAIT. don't add me if I don't reply.

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hey! so i love your icons and i was looking at your fandoms and such and noticed we have alot of ships/fandoms in common and you seem pretty cool so i was wondering if its okay i add you? friends?

Deleted comment

GAAAH your gif is amazing! That show will always be missed.
We have a lot in common... Glee, FNL, Greek, The OC, Grey's Anatomy, Bethany Joy, etc.

add me?
Sorry, I added before I read this! But I don't see many OTH lovers around LJ anymore, and you like Gossip Girl, Veronica Mars, etc. too!

I found you on ONTD, btw. Friends?
Hy I am Brooke and I think we have a lot of in common. I can be familiar from daily_oth or othmusicthread. Half of your userpics are mines,I mean the ones I used or planning to use :P
I am a big CW fan with all of their series.I love jennifer's Body SFM! I love Skins especially Effy and I love Willa Holland and HIMYM.
I am a Gleek and I am a big fan of TBBT,we have so much in common.
I love your gif,BTW. Can I steal it for my community?
hi, this is corsettes on a new account, add?

We have a few mutual friends and we also have a few common interests. I've just really gotten into Greek and Glee and I'm looking to find friends also interested.

I'd love to be friends, if you're interested. =)
Sure, added.
Hey! I love your picspams/graphics!

And I notice we have lots of things in common! I love Spashley/Baley/Greek etc

And I think we have some mutual friends too.

Hope you'll add me.

We have a lot of friends in common, and very similar interests. Plus, I see you around all the time. Add?
Sure, added!
So I usually hate doing this, but you seem like a cool person and we have lots of similar interests (Finally another Greek fan!) so friends? :)
hey bb it's Megan (onlyalittle) on my new journal! Add here?
Hey I had you on my old LJ (keilimepie), so I was wondering if you'd add me here? :)
I changed my name to waxandstrings, if you wanna add over there.
Your graphics are stunning. <3 I'd love to be friends.
We both love Glee immensely. Wanna be friends?
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