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ask. WAIT. don't add me if I don't reply.

Tags: lj: friends only, lj: general
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Hey, i'm a SON fan and.. I'm a guy, and I'm certainly not your friend but i'd like to :D add me? i guess we have in common the south fandom.
britalit! it's serene. add me?
I never would have guessed it was you!

Added! You know have access to all my deepest, darkest sekrets [it's mostly pic!spams, tbqh!].
Hey my commentig crush. Sorry but I'm going to be sticking with that for awhile because you wrote a summary of LOL and it was really long and I'm still an idiot for missing it and yeah your awsome. I have but two friends on here but was hoping for an add from you.
Hey there! So we both love Haley/Brooke. And you seem like a crazy cool kinda girl :) Add? If you do I'll add you back and we can be best friends for like ever. And if you don't then I'll turn all Angel of Death on you..
Sure. Added.
hi i'm andrea! i noticed we have a bunch of stuff in common, and i was wondering if you'd like to add me? :)
Sure, why not. Added.
You're awesome. I'm awesome(and kinda dorky). Let's be friends.
Sure, I could use more SON friends!
add me?

im a awesome frienzie and we have a lot in common too!
hey i'm dee -18 years old :]
i think we have some things in common...
want to be friends?
Hay thar :D we have a few things in common (Spashley being one of them) you're so awesome that I brought you brownies! *holds out tray* add me plz?
hii, idk if you're adding, but i'm chelsea. i found you through a picspam and basically your userinfo gif caught my eye andddd i -love- SoN/spashley and i guess if you'd like to add me back, that'd be lovely :)
Hey its Terri from FF/BH thread. Add me? :)
I guesssssssssss ;)
Hi. I noticed we have a lot in common plus I'm in complete love with your Baley moodtheme and your a fellow SON fan so naturally, I added. You can add back if you'd like (:
As long as you don't like Aiden or Ashden [or Peyton, but that can be amended, a bit], than sure.


9 years ago


9 years ago

hey its nikeskate875 from the spashley boards I saw that you had a lj on here and figured i'd add ya, cause i'm still getting used to lj, and also i find most of your posts on the boards to crack me up!
Hey there. We seem to have some other things in common besides big brother, I was thinking we should be friends :]
yay 90210 fans! haha
add me? :)
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