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ask. WAIT. don't add me if I don't reply.

Tags: lj: friends only, lj: general
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Hey, I'm Stef. I've seen you around a bunch and we seem to have a few things in common. You seem pretty cool. Add me?
your banner is soo cute! <3
we have a few interests in common. add me?
We have a few friends in common and I trust them to know cool people, so sure!


9 years ago

Oh sadness. I wanted to see this FNL cast picspam you posted over the FNL community. And I remember you had this amazing American Dreams picspam too.
I made it public again for a bit, so you can see it now.


9 years ago

hey :) i've seen you around on some south forums and i really like your graphics. you seem really cool and it would be awesome to have a south fan on my flist. add me back?
Sure, why not?


December 26 2008, 19:04:07 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  December 26 2008, 19:04:25 UTC

hey i love your graphics...especially your shenny and spashly icons... friends if you want?!

Hey! This is Sydney aka allgoodtrips. I purchased a rename token, used it.....and now I am unable to log into my account. Since this is a New Year, I decided to create a brand new journal. Will you please add me back?
Of course!
Hey! I got here through finding your Spashley picspam (which is amazing, hope you do more in the future!), is it okay to add you? :)
let's be friends, ADD??
hi there,
no need to add me, but you know that adorable banner you have in your profile? i'm assuming you made it, because there's no credit link, so would you mind (pretty please) telling me where you found the pics of aimee from?
thank you so much!
They're just random event pictures from http://www.aimee-teegarden.net. Well, all but the last one, which I was posted on fanforum.


9 years ago

you do sound pretty awesome and im a south of nowhere fan. friends?
I think your Spencer/Ashley stuff is gorgeous! Let's be friends?
hey, i saw your SON picspam and mood theme and i had to befriend you. i miss SON to death but hopefully the movie comes out soon. add?
hi! I seem to see you everywhere and you ship sheldon/penny (!) - add me? :)
Hey I'm kinda new to LJ and I was wondering if you'd add me? We have a bunch of things in common like Skins, OTH (Brooke/Haley are my OTP too), Ryan/Taylor, SoN, and Veronica Mars. There's more but I'm kinda too lazy to write it all out lol. Add?


9 years ago

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