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ask. WAIT. don't add me if I don't reply.

Tags: lj: friends only, lj: general
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I found an icon batch which includes Emily in Thomas' shoes! http://community.livejournal.com/mmedley/31518.html#cutid1 :)
Yet another comment, sorry about my last one :/ it was very impromtu and bland.

My name is Marla, and I've always been a Spashley fan. I've seen you over at Spashley.com (as I said before, I'm FallenAshley) and greatly value your opinions because they are well crafted and you definitely know what you're talking about because you always use facts to back up your opinions. Not only that but you make fantastic icons and you love Shenny from The L Word as well.

After comparing your lj interests to mine it seems like we'd get along quite well. I respect you greatly and would like to get to know you better and hopefully becoming friends.
Hey, I am Raddy (Scheming Star) on FF, and we talk a lot through BH threads, and obviously you already know or can tell that I heart BH to death, and BH is my OTP. So mind to be my friend? If not, I understand completely. =)
Sure, added.

Deleted comment

Sure, added you!
We have some things in common like One tree hill and Gilmore Girls!
I also love BH a lot :)
Will you add me?
please add meeee :) i've been looking for blair\jenny icons everywhere and was led here by someone crediting you!
hey, we have some common interests + mutual friends, friends? :)
Sure, added!
your haley/Brooke love is toxic.
NTM your the only other person on LJ ive found thats watches Scrubs.

add me?

Deleted comment

Sure, added you!
Hola. We have like, mutuals friends and mutual communities and shtuff.

Thought I'd attempt to get added.

I'm also "dolcegrazia" on FF, if you weren't aware.

What are my odds? ;)
Sureee. Added.
We have some interests + mutual friends in common and you seem really awesome. friends?
add me? :)
we have quite a few shared interests and have a few mutual friends i think. add? :)

we have a lot in common...

greek, oth, vm, tbbt, gg, ga. :)
add? : )
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